Alaskan turned New Yorker, New Yorkan. Upstate New Yorkan to be specific.
I talk a lot. Love to think out loud.

I don't. like. chocolate. I know but it's true. I tolerate it on a candy bar but that's about it.

Four crazy kids call me Mom.

I say I like to hike, kayak, basically anything outdoors. These days I run around my in-laws farm chasing children and dogs, and chickens.

Don't ask me about P90x unless you have a soap box for me to step onto.

I believe that great photos lead to increased confidence and that EverYoNe! deserves and needs greater confidence at different times in our lives.

I love what I do. I love giving a gift of photographic memories to my clients. I love making mom's cry (happy tears). Did I mention that I love to talk? Ask me questions. Let's meet for a cup of herbal tea, or a steamer, or your choice of yummy, feel good drink. See you there!